Blog - Even Fairy Tales Need to Evolve

Even Fairy Tales Need to Evolve

Fairy tales can be useful teachers at any time of life.  This became clear to me as I was going through a healing crisis several years ago. The life I knew was falling apart and I felt broken.  Somewhere deep inside was a sense of being flawed forever.  A little rhyme started playing in my head, “All the king’s horses, and All the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Then one morning, I had an epiphany.  Humpty Dumpty was an egg!  He was always meant to crack open so something new could emerge. I became curious about the rest of his story.  I realized I too had an opportunity to transform into someone brand new.

Like Humpty Dumpty, many things in our communities may seem broken.  Have you noticed our hierarchies are crumbling? Institutions like Education, Healthcare, Churches and even Families no longer are effective as hierarchies in meeting the needs for which they were created. From my perspective, that’s just perfect!

I know that something new is emerging and I feel hopeful.  From these broken shells, I see new models of partnership and collective leadership evolving.  We are creating a new architecture for community and relationships.

As a chiropractor, I am well aware of the architecture of our body/mind relationships. I notice that most of us make demands on our bodies and expect them to follow through.  That is an example of a hierarchical relationship. And it works, until an injury, illness or simply the aging process reverses that relationship. Then your body is dictating what you can and cannot do.  It’s still a hierarchy, only now you are on the bottom!  How would your life be different if you had a true partnership with your body?

In Argentina, they call it ‘horizontalidad’.  After the economic collapse in 2001, the government froze assets.  As people gathered in the streets in protest, new relationships were formed and the hierarchical, class-based society was cracked open.  A creative new economy continues to emerge, with autonomous movements aiming to re-create society without anyone taking power. They describe their new working model of community organization as horizontal, not vertical.

Maybe you have encountered or are part of a new model of community. In San Francisco, the first not-for-profit pharmaceutical company has hatched and is uniquely organized. Teams consisting of committed scientists, manufacturers, doctors, government agencies, philanthropists and patent lawyers, come together to produce medicines for underserved areas of the globe.  Their concept: to encourage global collaboration by securing donated intellectual property from industry and academia to develop and distribute medicine for neglected diseases, like malaria.  As a result of this innovative organizing, the medicines are made where they are needed most.

I want to be part of this evolution! I seek to lead by sharing my unique experience. My vision is that we each become capable of accessing our inner resources and expressing our deepest truths so that we are free to lead by sharing our unique gifts with the world.

What stands between you and the freedom to offer your uniqueness to the world? Would you like to speak from your heart? to lead with your truth? to offer your brilliance to the world? Let me hear from you!